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Freelance Media Professional
Based in Northampton, UK

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Probus Club
Churches Together Northampton
Title: Probus Club Dursley
Type: Community Group
Active: Coming Soon!
Title: Churches Together Northampton
Type: Local Group
Active: Dec 2014 - Present
Northampton Scottish Association
PA Youth Worker Project
Probus Club
Title: Northampton Town & County Scottish Association
Type: Local Group
Active: Aug 2014 - Present
Title: Youth Worker Project
Type: Community & Blog
Active: Jan 2014 - Present
Title: Probus Club Northampton
Type: Local Group
Active: Nov 2013 - Present
Enid Coleman
Outatime Media
Title: Enid Coleman
Type: Personal Business
Active: April 2013 - Present
Title: Emmanuel Group
of Churches
Type: Local Church Website
Active: Nov 2011 - Present
Title: Outatime Media
Type: Portfolio Website
Active: Aug 2010 - Present
Youth at Park Avenue
Title: Youth @ Park Avenue
Type: Youth Activity Info
Active: Oct 2008 - Present
Title: Park Avenue
Methodist Church
Type: Local Church Website
Active: Dec 2005 - Present
Title: PA 15
Type: Local Activity Group
Active: May 2002 - Present
Golden Arches
Title: Transcendental Time Vortex
Type: Doctor Who Fan Site
Active: Mar 2002 - Mar 2010
Title: Golden Arches
Type: McDonald's Fan Site
Active: Mar 2002 - Sept 2008
Title: SiSpace
Type: Personal Website
Active: March 2002 - Sept 2010

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