Simon Hoggarth
Freelance Media Professional
Based in Northampton, UK

Graphic Design
Below you will find some examples of my graphic design work over the years.
Click on the thumbnails for a larger version.

Wheelchair Push Poster
HC 2013
Card Poster
Christmas Party


On the left you will see a selection of different posters I have produced for clients.

I first started designing posters in 2004 and although my skills have improved over the years, my approach has remained the same -
- Think about the target audience first.

Then I try to make the design as eye catching as possible so when it's on a board amongst other posters it will stand out and catch people's attention. So far this has proved to be very successful. All of the posters have been seen across the local county where ever posters are placed.

When I first started designing posters I used a rather old program called Microsoft Photodraw, but now I predominantly use Photoshop with occasional help from Illustrator.

Rise Up
HC 2012
Come and See
Dick Whittington
Quiz Night
Big Dream
HC 2011
Tap Dance
Summer Breakout
Sunday Club


The first example was the result of a brief to come up with a contemporary and attractive design to make new people interested in the church.
The idea I chose was based on the popular US TV show 'Heroes' showing Jesus as a 'hero' and and designed to be bold and interesting by using a question as an opening statement.
The leaflet continues to be a great success!

The second example I was asked to create a fresh modern look to annual programme for Abington W.I. which again was successful and I received several postive comments about it.


Church Leaflet Church Leaflet 2

Abington WI Abington WI 2

NMYF shout

youth pa15

pamc1 pamc 2013

pamc long


Each of these logos have been designed to be recognisable and easy to use on a variety of media.

The first row contains logos designed for Northampton Methodist Youth Forum. The blocks logo was used on several posters to advertise events. The 'Shout' logo was an idea for a proposed relaunch which went unused when the group folded.

The second row has logos for local activity groups and use modern and interesting fonts and specific colours.
The 3 shades of purple in the PA 15 logo is to represent three generations of family members enjoying events.

The final set of three logos were designed for Park Avenue Methodist Church as a brand to use in advertising. The first one was designed in 2008, and was well used but was ultimately decided a brand refresh was required in 2013 keeping a similar style but easier to read.
A combination of both second and third logos is now used when required.


I was asked to design a set of bookmarks to advertise each of the children's groups at a local church. I decided to go for a simplistic approach using the colours of the rainbow to match each of the seven groups with a clipart image sitting at the top, with the group's logo and details at the bottom.

Each of them were deliberately designed to be eye catching for children and parents and give a 'collect them all' style vibe to help gain awareness of what is available for each age range.

The designs have proved to be successful and are still currently in use.



Bookmarks Photo




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