Simon Hoggarth
Freelance Media Professional
Based in Northampton, UK

Video Production


I have over 16 years of qualified experience designing high quality websites for clients. I also specialize in video production - in both camera operating and editing roles, alongside photography, poster, leaflet and logo designs. I am also available to DJ and/or host many different types of functions.

Whatever you need, I have the answer...

To find out more about what I can do for you, please check out my portfolio or get in touch with me via email at simon@simonhoggarth.co.uk


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Browse my portfolio and see examples
of all the different kinds of work I've done to date.

From Documentaries to Music Videos,
various kinds of websites, logos,
leaflets, posters, and photography,
there's plenty to choose from!

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"You are an extremely talented individual!" - Derek

"Perfect. You are a star!" - Robert

"An asset and a pleasure to work with."
- Alwyne

"I am speechless with amazement! It was well worth the wait!" - Chris

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